“The Beautiful Blues” – SOLD!

Less than two hours after the Blues Fest exhibition at Retrospect Galleries opened (which was on the 21st of April, not the 28th…) I received an email saying The Beautiful Blues had sold and was the second picture to be purchased on the night. I really love that picture and its meaning. There’s something about […]

Old Art for a New Site

Over the next little while I will be reproducing some posts and artwork I had on an old blog site. The first one in this series was for something called Illustration Friday. So after looking the word “Clique” up in the ol’ trusty dictionary, I did this.


“The Beautiful Blues” – Music and Art Exhibition

I think its ok to be sad.

It’s said that nothing exists without a purpose. Is it the same for sadness? It seems to incite change. When we see that we are sad we’re sometimes moved to change our thoughts or our actions. Sometimes we open to a loved one or even a stranger […]