“The Beautiful Blues” – Music and Art Exhibition

I think its ok to be sad.

It’s said that nothing exists without a purpose. Is it the same for sadness? It seems to incite change. When we see that we are sad we’re sometimes moved to change our thoughts or our actions. Sometimes we open to a loved one or even a stranger about a confusion or fear and that creates a connection and strength that might not have come to be if not for the sadness. We search for answers we didn’t know we needed and take with us lessons that help us for life. When we’re sad and we listen to a sad song we can feel like it’s talking to us personally. Sad songs sometimes help us feel that we’re not alone in our loneliness.

Maybe sadness has a purpose bigger than the hurt we feel.

I think its ok to be sad.

This piece was done to show the beauty within sadness and that sharing it is something special. Things grow from sadness. The original will be available at Retrospect Galleries from April 28th 2011, or contact me for a full size, signed print.

Title – The Beautiful Blues
Media – Water colour, acrylic, pen
Size – 64.5cm x 64.5cm

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