Retrospect Galleries Artist of the Month for June

Craig Martin - Cloud Kite SurferThe pictures are coming to my head faster than I can paint. My time is currently spent painting, eating and sleeping… and I also still bath regularly too.

This is just a quick update of images as I have to get back to the paints. I hope you like them.

I also wanted to add that Retrospect Galleries are considering doing a small run of limited edition prints for a set of three paintings I’m working on as we speak. If we finalise the go ahead there will be a set of 3 images printed as a run of 30. I hope to have them finished in the near future so check back again soon and they should be ready for a sneak peak. Worst case scenario is they don’t go into print and I get to sell them the originals as individual images, win win situation.

Back to it.

p.s. If you have any comments on my art in this post, or any others, I would love to hear them and you can use the comments function just below.

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