Retrospect Galleries to do Limited Edition Print Run

Craig Martin Limited Edition Print Run at Retrospect GalleriesHuge news today! Retrospect Galleries have just agreed to do a limited edition print run for the attached paintings. It’s great news and I’m really stoked but I haven’t got too much time to celebrate just now as there is more to do before they’re ready. I must also apologise as I haven’t named them as yet… this is also on the to do list. If you you have any suggestions for them please leave a comment below, or contact me directly.

So now we send them off to have a veeery high resolution copy made of each picture, they print of a batch of 30 for each image (which are somewhere between A4 and A3 paper size) and then I come in to hand write their number (as in 1/30, 2/30, 3/30…) date them and sign them! did I mention how excited I am to do this part?

I’ve painted these three so that the subject matter works perfectly as a set of three images, but also each picture is just as powerful on its own.

The gallery has suggested that I let people know asap that they’re going into print as purchasing a specific numbered print in advance is a wise choice if you’d like to secure one of them, or the whole set of three.

If you do want to secure an image or three, just get in touch with Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay on (02) 6680 8825 and let them know you saw the paintings on my website.

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