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Craig Martin - Love StoryCraig Martin

Freelance Illustrator – Commission Artist – Graphic designer
(mob) 0431 157 675 – Contact Craig

Artist Statement

I can’t wait to see the next painting that inspires me.


I love to create. I get this feeling that the most incredible thing in this universe might be the imagination. Everything that’s created comes from it. Everything we perceive comes from a reflection of what we imagine the nature of reality to be.  With art, in whatever form we choose to play with, if we want to we can step away from the seemingly infinite programmes that try (and often succeed) to tell us what reality is really all about. When able, I love to sit back and allow what seems to be a free flow of random imagery to pass through my mind and then I try to put it down on paper before the editing and filtering of my current paradigms step back in. The picture that is left behind after Craig Martin - Planes and Fansreturning to the “normal” world sometimes seems absurd and irrational, yet still holds some sense of benign understanding. I get this feeling from my own work just as much from seeing the works of others. It’s a pretty unique feeling that I can’t yet find outside the results of our inspired imaginations. Thank God there are countless kinds of art and artists so that each of us can access this place in our own way. Something stirs in us each time we do. This is why I love to create.


2010/2011  |  Editorial Illustrator – Northern Star Newspaper
2007  |  Graphic Designer, Design Illustrator – Circus Arts Australia
2007 – Present  |  Commission Artist
2007 – Present  |  Freelance Graphic Designer
2003 – Present  |  Freelance Illustrator
2003 – 2006  |  Editorial Illustrator – “Liberty” Magazine – Ink Publishing Dubai

Craig Martin - Life After DeathBIBLIOGRAPHY

2011  |  Front Cover – Northern Star’s Weekender – Australia Day
2011  |  Front Cover – Northern Star’s Weekender – New Years Edition
2010  |  Front Cover – Northern Star’s Weekender – Exhibition Promo
2009  |  Title Page for website – Dave Moss Band – Graphic Design/Illustration
2006  |  Front Cover – “Liberty” Magazine – Dubai
2005  |  Children’s Book – Animal Count – Ink Publishing Dubai


2010  |  Petits Travaux – Retrospect Galleries – Byron Bay
2010  |  Carnies, Kooks and Clowns – Retrospect Galleries – Byron Bay
2009  |  Petits Travaux – Retrospect Galleries – Byron Bay
2009  |  Day of the Dead – Retrospect Galleries – Byron Bay

Craig Martin - Somewhere BetterMy illustration career in a nutshell

I met a guy called “Horse” when I was 5ish. He had a sketchbook and when I looked in it something stirred. I doodled for the next 24 years, was drawn to the works of conceptual illustrators, met a string of perfectly random arty teacher/friends along the way until 2003 when I started officially working as an editorial illustrator for a life-style magazine. This led to commissions, which led to art galleries, which led to more editorial illustrating, more commissions, more art galleries, graphic design, murals and a dream of one day seeing my picture books for sale around the world.

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