The Full Spectrum Exhibition - Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay

So all the colours of the rainbow are going to travel around the walls of Byron Bay Retrospect Galleries in March. Only a small handful of artists will exhibit this time and each of us have been asked to pick our favourite colour from the old Roy. G. Biv. (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo […]

Petit Smalls Exhibition Results – Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay

The Petit Smalls Exhibition in December 2011 was a hit. Some of my paintings were bought off the exhibition website before the opening night which was very touching. There are still a handful left too and we’re going to try to add them to an Exhibition that’s opening in March called the Full Spectrum. There […]

December Showing at Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay

Petite Travaux – Small painting exhibition – Retrospect Galleries 2011

Retrospect Galleries has a yearly exhibit Petit Travaux which is where a bunch of artist each paint a 9 image series where all paintings are to be contained in a 25X25cm frame. There will be a room with literally hundreds of 25X25cm pickies available for […]

Craig Martin now at Retrospect Galleries Gold Coast

I’d love to write a big thanks to the guys at Retrospect Galleries. In the last two years they’ve sold over 50 of my artworks and have given me the confidence to keep working, evolving and presenting my illustrations.

They now have a handful of my pictures hanging at their Gold Coast gallery (now officially […]

Now Showing at the Bribie Art Centre

I’ve just started presenting through my second gallery. Thanks to mum and her hard work she’s helped me to have two pieces up on the Bribie Island Art Centre on Bribie Island in Queensland Australia. Unfortunatly with no cameras allowed inside I’m unable to show you the pieces presenting there as I forgot to get […]

More Art for Retrospect Galleries

So I’ve been a little busy (too busy to update my blog, I know) and have just had a bunch of newies sent down to retrospect galleries which I have attached below. I love em. I think my favourite is Paint The World. There may be a series of those somewhere in the future. Oh […]

“The Beautiful Blues” – SOLD!

Less than two hours after the Blues Fest exhibition at Retrospect Galleries opened (which was on the 21st of April, not the 28th…) I received an email saying The Beautiful Blues had sold and was the second picture to be purchased on the night. I really love that picture and its meaning. There’s something about […]

“The Beautiful Blues” – Music and Art Exhibition

I think its ok to be sad.

It’s said that nothing exists without a purpose. Is it the same for sadness? It seems to incite change. When we see that we are sad we’re sometimes moved to change our thoughts or our actions. Sometimes we open to a loved one or even a stranger […]

A Night at the Harvest Cafe

In October 2010 I gave a talk at the Harvest Cafe near Byron Bay in News South wales. Retrospect Galleries held their “Night at the Harvest Cafe” event where four of us, all contributing to the upcoming “Carnies Kooks and Clowns” exhibition, got to chat with the crowd. Other than have several mild internal freak […]

Space Travel Art Series All Sold!

I’ve found out that all the pieces for the Space Travel series I did for Retrospect Galleries in December 2010 have now been sold! You can see more of the Space Travel compilation on my Art Series page.