Craig Martin in the Northern Star

Big thanks to the team at the Northern Star (newspaper) for help with this article. The exhibition is going great for June. Six images have sold so far and the prints are nearly ready for hanging too. There hasn’t been much painting work for the last couple of weeks but a plitherah… plethera… (quick google) […]

Weekender Cover - "The Beautiful Blues"

It seems this “The Beautiful Blues” has a bigger journey than I realised. It was originally painted for the Blues Fest exhibition at Retrospect Galleries, it’s becoming more and more popular as a print and has now featured on the cover of the Weekender for the Weekend Star (Northern Rivers regional newspaper). Not sure […]

New Editorial Illustration - Valentines Day

Craig Martin Weekender Magazine 2011 02 12

Yay, another piece for the Northern River’s Weekender liftout.

I guess I’m saying here that Valentines Day could be a good day to crack open your heart’s protective walls a little bit and let someone special know you care. It can be kinda scary to open your heart to someone, it’s like putting […]

Weekender Cover - Australia Day 2011

This picky made it to the cover of the The Northern Star’s Weekender for Australia Day. Its meant for all the awesome aussies who did so much to help out other aussies following the Queensland flood disaster and recovery effort. It’s an aspect of the aussie breed that really makes us shine.


Northern Star Weekender – New Year’s Cover

So stoked with the start of the year! The Northern Star asked if I had anything that could work for New Years Eve. It just so happened I had something that screamed, “Follow your heart in 2011!!” It made the cover for the Weekender.

There’s something about having a purpose. I don’t think […]