Hi, I’m Craig Martin

I‘m a freelance illustrator,

a commission artist,

and graphic designer.

Welcome to Craig Martin Illustrations. I’ve been a professional illustrator for over 7 years and currently specialise as an editorial illustrator, doing commission works and art gallery paintings. I also have experience in graphic design, graphic illustration and children’s book illustration. Feel free to wander around to check out my artwork. You can also go to my blog for my very latest news and updates. Please visit again for career updates, merchandise offerings and further evolving words and pictures.

Craig Martin

Craig Martin Editorial Illustration

The challenges of editorial illustration are something I thrive on. The partnership between writer and illustrator is brilliant, each one enhancing the message and mastery of the other.

Craig Martin Weekender Magazine 2011 02 12 Craig Martin Weekender Magazine Cover Art January 2010 Brisbane Floods Craig Martin Weekender Magazine Cover Art New Year's Eve 2010

Gallery Art

Selling through galleries is the chance to do original, undirected illustrations that express my interpretations of life, moods, fears and dreams and I can’t get enough of it!

Craig Martin - Love Story Craig Martin - Life After Death Craig Martin - Somewhere Better

Art Series

I love illustrating a series of images. So often painting more than one image of a concept will birth many more pictures that wouldn’t have come to light had I stopped at just one.

Craig Martin - Art Series - Space Travel Around the Sun Craig Martin - Art Series - Space Travel Ship Moon Craig Martin - Art Series - Space Travel Swings

I can’t wait to see the next painting that inspires me.  There seems to be no end to our imaginations. And what a crazy gift it is, the imagination.  We all have one and it’s capable of such incredible things. We should play with it as much as we can…  … It’s a gift to the world and ourselves every time we do.

Craig Martin - Our Castle on a Cloud

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