Thanks to Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay

And last but by no means least I’d like to thank Bree from Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay. Bree and her team sold all 90 of the limited edition prints we had made for the images below. Along with the commission that Bree secured for me I want to again say thanks to her and […]

Petit Travaux November 2012

Every year at Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay they have a pre xmas exhibition. About 300 pieces will hang for it with each artist exhibiting 9 paintings. Each painting is exactly 25cm x 25cm. Its a great idea for affordable, original, all time epic presents for the ones you love… or really really like. This […]

Retrospect Galleries to do Limited Edition Print Run

Huge news today! Retrospect Galleries have just agreed to do a limited edition print run for the attached paintings. It’s great news and I’m really stoked but I haven’t got too much time to celebrate just now as there is more to do before they’re ready. I must also apologise as I haven’t named them […]

December Showing at Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay

Petite Travaux – Small painting exhibition – Retrospect Galleries 2011

Retrospect Galleries has a yearly exhibit Petit Travaux which is where a bunch of artist each paint a 9 image series where all paintings are to be contained in a 25X25cm frame. There will be a room with literally hundreds of 25X25cm pickies available for […]

A Night at the Harvest Cafe

In October 2010 I gave a talk at the Harvest Cafe near Byron Bay in News South wales. Retrospect Galleries held their “Night at the Harvest Cafe” event where four of us, all contributing to the upcoming “Carnies Kooks and Clowns” exhibition, got to chat with the crowd. Other than have several mild internal freak […]

Space Travel Art Series All Sold!

I’ve found out that all the pieces for the Space Travel series I did for Retrospect Galleries in December 2010 have now been sold! You can see more of the Space Travel compilation on my Art Series page.