Craig Martin in the Northern Star

Big thanks to the team at the Northern Star (newspaper) for help with this article. The exhibition is going great for June. Six images have sold so far and the prints are nearly ready for hanging too. There hasn’t been much painting work for the last couple of weeks but a plitherah… plethera… (quick google) […]

Retrospect Galleries Artist of the Month for June

Craig Martin - Cloud Kite Surfer

The pictures are coming to my head faster than I can paint. My time is currently spent painting, eating and sleeping… and I also still bath regularly too.

This is just a quick update of images as I have to get back to the paints. I hope you like them.

I also wanted to add […]

Upcoming Artist of the Month at Retrospect Galleries

It was a very successful month for me at Retrospect with 5 big paintings selling at the Full Spectrum Exhibition. It’s with thanks to the Retro staff, including their lovely new framer who puts the cherry on top of my paintings with her lovely framing skills, for their help making this possible. It has been […]

The Full Spectrum Exhibition - Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay

So all the colours of the rainbow are going to travel around the walls of Byron Bay Retrospect Galleries in March. Only a small handful of artists will exhibit this time and each of us have been asked to pick our favourite colour from the old Roy. G. Biv. (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo […]

Petit Smalls Exhibition Results – Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay

The Petit Smalls Exhibition in December 2011 was a hit. Some of my paintings were bought off the exhibition website before the opening night which was very touching. There are still a handful left too and we’re going to try to add them to an Exhibition that’s opening in March called the Full Spectrum. There […]

Craig Martin now at Retrospect Galleries Gold Coast

I’d love to write a big thanks to the guys at Retrospect Galleries. In the last two years they’ve sold over 50 of my artworks and have given me the confidence to keep working, evolving and presenting my illustrations.

They now have a handful of my pictures hanging at their Gold Coast gallery (now officially […]

“The Beautiful Blues” – Music and Art Exhibition

I think its ok to be sad.

It’s said that nothing exists without a purpose. Is it the same for sadness? It seems to incite change. When we see that we are sad we’re sometimes moved to change our thoughts or our actions. Sometimes we open to a loved one or even a stranger […]